1What is a Measured Building Survey?
A measured building survey is a process of taking measurements on-site and creating an accurate digital representation of your building. It usually consists of floor plans, elevations, and sections.
2Why do I need a Building Measured Survey?
A measured building survey provides precise drawings of an already constructed building. It is often necessary for various purposes, such as refurbishment projects and planning requirements. Additionally, it serves as a valuable tool for historical archiving, lease plans, property letting, and land registry purposes.
3What is 3D Laser Scanning?
In the realms of architecture and construction, 3D scanning has become an indispensable tool. This highly precise method enables the capture of intricate details of existing buildings and construction sites with unparalleled accuracy. By leveraging laser scanning technology, designers can visualize their concepts using real-world building data as a solid foundation. Without the need for physical contact, 3D laser scanning produces clear and precise digital records of existing conditions, revolutionising the way we document and understand our surroundings.
4What is a BIM Scan?
A BIM scan is the process of using 3D laser scanning to capture data and create a detailed digital model known as Building Information Modeling (BIM). It involves scanning buildings or construction sites to gather accurate measurements and create a comprehensive digital representation. BIM scans enhance visualisation, analysis, and collaboration during design, construction, and maintenance phases.
5How long does a Scan take?
Laser scanning has the potential to significantly reduce time spent on site surveys, with potential time savings of up to 80%. The duration of individual scans can vary depending on factors such as location, level of detail, and scanning distance, typically ranging from 2 to 5 minutes per scan.
6Is 3D Laser Scanning safe?
Laser scanning stands out as one of the safest techniques for data retrieval. It eliminates the need for eye protection during operation, ensuring a safe scanning process. Additionally, surveyors can conduct scans without physical contact, further enhancing safety measures.
7Do we Rent out our Laser Scanner?
At our company, we focus solely on providing laser scanning services and do not offer equipment rental. However, an excellent way to begin your scanning journey is by engaging our services initially. Our knowledgeable technicians are delighted to guide you through the process and even provide the opportunity to observe the scanning procedure.
8What Equipment do we use?
We use Leica BLK 360 laser scanner for all surveys.
9Do You need to make preparations for the Site Visit?
In the majority of cases, no specific preparation is required for a site visit. Simply grant us access to the areas that require surveying. However, if there are covered or obstructed areas you wish to include in the survey, it is necessary to clear those spaces beforehand. Please note that we can only scan visible surfaces and objects within our scanning capabilities.
10Who needs Laser Scanning Services?
We provide 3D laser scanning services to all professionals such as: Architects Designers Facility Managers Engineers Contractors Construction professionals Estate Agents Gaming industry Digital reality projects Metaverse projects
11How Accurate is the Laser Scanner?
The accuracy of the BLK360 scanner is influenced by its proximity to the scanned object. When maintaining the recommended scanning distance of 10m, the BLK360 achieves a remarkable accuracy of 4mm - 6mm. However, as the distance increases, there may be a slight decrease in accuracy.
12What's included in the Measured Building Survey
The cost of a measured survey includes the following: Site Survey with 3D Laser Scanners, Production of survey drawings in CAD programs such as AutoCAD, Deliverables in PDF and CAD formats, Drawing revisions if required.
13How will I view the Survey Drawings?
We provide survey data in multiple formats, commonly in AutoCAD and PDF. Both formats contain identical information, allowing you to access your survey drawings conveniently. If you don't have a CAD program, you can still view the survey drawings using the PDF file.